Z is for…

How fast this month “painfully” zipped by.

ZIP: Closure.

Example: The end of my first A2Z!!

THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by and a little “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” celebration below…


How excited are you to be done?  Do you love the Muppets like I do?

(My 250 word count challenge) – 32


Y is for…

If I counted how many times a day I say this word, my head would explode. “Mommy” is the contrast call at our house.  I’ve become so tired of saying the word, I’ve just answered with the sound, “uh huh.” It actually took my young daughter awhile to realize the “uh huh” was a yes. Now she makes the “uh huh” sound and tells me that meant yes. I reply, “yes, it does.”

YES: Grants you the road to ease or damnation.

Example: Motherhood.  For me, being a mom is a balance between saying yes to make my life just a little easier now, with the knowledge that yes just might make my life a little harder later. My daughter, “you let me have a popcycle before dinner yesterday!” Yesterday, I had to call a friend and needed them occupied for a couple of minutes.  Today, I’m stuck…. sometimes those few precious minutes of me time are worth it!


Have you ever regretted saying “yes?”

(My 250 word count challenge) – 163


X is for…

This is not an easy letter to blog about.  But, one of the few words that start with ‘X,’ happens to be a very easy instrument to use.

XYLOPHONE:  Joy maker.

Example: I have small children and we own about four different versions of the xylophone .  I even donated a few!  It’s colorful and easy to play. You don’t even need the mallet.  Hands, other toys,etc.. work just fine.

We’ve had wooden ones, metal ones, the plastic caterpillar, the separated bells you line up and now a floating xylophone for the bathtub.

It creates confidence in children that they have the ability to play music, builds hand-eye coordination and adults love to play it, too.  I keep trying to play twinkle twinkle on a six segment xylophone. I know I will master it one day!

I think our next xylophone is going to be the picture below. You put glow sticks into water cups.  When you play the cups, the lights form an aura.  Sounds pretty cool…

Image result for xylophone


Have you ever owned or played a xylophone?

If you did, didn’t it just make you happy ;)

(My 250 word count challenge) – 170


W is for…

I’m blogging about a word that every day I consciously change the meaning of.

WHY: A question that can mean giving up, or a statement that means starting over.

Example: My son’s autism. Raising a child is not easy. Raising a special needs child is a little bit harder. You can look at the grass on the other side of the fence and lament it’s always greener.  This direction will have you asking, “why me?”

Or… you can look at your own grass and decide that the injury it’s sustained is something you will take action to prevent.

There are many champions for autistic children.  There are now many children to be champions for. Knowing first hand what it’s like, the numbers make me cry: 1 in 68.  These champions have decided to turn, “why me?” into “WHY ME!”

I’ve made the choice to join the fight to end autism. Our non-profit, to educate pregnant woman about the possible dangers to neurological development by the consumption of pesticides during pregnancy, will launch this summer.

Now when I have one of those days and ask, “why me?”  I have the answer. I’m going to make it,”WHY ME!” My son’s injury has inspired me to spread the word about what I believe might be one of the causes of autism.

It’s made me one of the champions, committed to the goal of ensuring our children will be the last to suffer.


Have you ever been inspired to do something you never thought you would?

(My 250 word count challenge) – 241


V is for…

Life is change.  One of my favorite things has changed with the years, but it’s always stayed one of my favorite things.

VACATION: A designated place and time to just build special memories.

Example: A writing and yoga retreat.This is my vacation planned for this year and I’m crazy excited about it.  All that’s offered is food, yoga and a place to write for four days – brilliant!

This vacation would have been the opposite of brilliant a few years ago.  A few years ago it would have been a luxury hotel in Hawaii.  A few years before that it would have been a cheap hotel near some ancient ruins in Mexico. Back again and it was a drive across the US for a month.  Before that it was backpacking Europe eating peanut butter and jelly, because we were broke.

My childhood was filled with ski trips (lots of ski school and I still can’t ski) and laying on a raft in the lake until the back of my legs were burnt.

Then there are the vacations I swore I’d never go on.  A cruise.  A few years ago I had a baby that comes with “stuff.”  Turns out you pile all that “stuff” on a boat and it does all the traveling for you – another brilliant!!

My vacations are always changing and are always special.


What’s your favorite vacation today?  What was your favorite vacation a few years ago?

(My 250 word count Challenge) – 228


U is for…

A silly post for the home stretch and this was the only ‘U’ word I felt inspired to write about.

UNDERWEAR: How it all begins.

Example: Underwear is my first decision of the day — after the usual “SSS” morning routine.  It’s chosen based on what my hopes are:  utility:errand accomplishment , sexy: marriage perks, business: powerful or sporty:energetic.

Here are some funny options to begin a day:

1) Under Armour Avengers Underwear – I’m totally getting my husband a set of these!!

2) Padded Butt Panties – what woman would want her hips bigger?


3) Headlight Bra – Yes these exist.

4) Anti-Flatulent Undies – Not worth it…

5) Gas Drawers – In case you want to embrace…

6) Computer Chip Undies – These shouldn’t exist!

Computer Chip Skivvies

7) Aluminum Can Undies – or these!

Aluminum Can Underwear

8) Glow In The Dark Undies – genius!

Glow In The Dark Underwear


How do you start your day?

(My 250 word count challenge) – 127


 T is for…

My saving grace!

TELEVISION: We are not alone.

Example: Every day of my life, since I was about 7. I was a “latch key” kid in the 1980′s.  It was a new thing then. I’d come home to an empty house, but it wasn’t empty the minute I turned on Phil Donahue and after him was Oprah.

One of my favorite New Years Eve celebrations was when my good friend and I ditched a party of people to watch the ball drop while sitting on her couch eating junk food. We still talk about it almost 20 years later.

Now, it’s the babysitter for my kids while I’m getting dinner ready. We are a full Disney household.  From Sophia The First to Marvel Avengers.  I don’t feel bad about it, because all their friends have TV show backpacks and t-shirts. They are “in the know” and feel part of the crowd.

I can live without TV. And I have this past month!!! But I choose not to. It has been, and still is, part of my family.


Do you have a favorite TV memory? What TV stations rule your house?

(My 250 word count challenge) – 178


S is for…

When it comes to the matters of the heart, we usually find ourselves attracted to truths that touch how we feel.

SONG: At times, well crafted and beautiful truths.

Example: “The Climb” written by Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe. It topped the single charts sung by Miley Cyrus in 2009.

This song speaks to how I feel about my special needs son and being his mom.  We won’t ever get to the other side. His whole life will be full of challenges that he will be unable to handle himself. I advocate for my son every day and I have lost some battles. One day, I won’t be here anymore and I’ll abandon him half way up his mountain. So, it is all about the climb for me and these are the moments I’ll remember.

This is Jessi Alexander singing her song that touched my heart.


Do you have song that touched your heart?

(My 250 word count challenge) = 148


R is for…

We all have a role to play in the different part of our lives.  Some of those roles are “role-playing” to better the outcome for the team. Sometimes, my husband is not the best team player and I’m left holding the ball.

ROLE: To be a reliable player to the game at hand.

Example:  Good Cop vs. Bad Cop. A marriage is essentially a team of two. A natural set up for a good cop and a bad cop. When it comes to dealing with people related to the running of our lives, it can be necessary to role-play. An example being, the contractor for your kitchen who just extended the finish date of their work by another 2 weeks and needs more materials.

Unfortunately, my husband refused to play along. I was home every day playing good cop; being friendly, getting them water, raising issues and solving the smaller problems.  You don’t want them to hate you and not want to be there — bad things can happen..

When the big issue hit the fan, I really needed the bad cop to step in and fix it.  What did he care, he didn’t have to see them everyday? Well for some men, construction guys are super cool. My husband turned out to be one of those guys. He knew nothing about saws and drills, so they knew ALL.

Complete role failure! He’s been complaining to me about the job the entire time and I’ve been solving all his issues. When it’s his turn, he’s all smiles and learning about the table saw. What happens then? He makes me be the bad cop, too.

Our team just lost the game. Now I’m the crazy bitch that’s never happy and bad things start to happen….


Did you ever experience a role-paying failure in one of your relationships?

(my 250 word count challenge) word count – 294


Q is for…

A friend of mine decided to go to this famous wellness spa in Arizona for her 40th birthday celebration. Not my first choice for a vacation, but I’d been home with small children for 4 years and needed to get away! It was FANTASTIC. I have found, in my later years, I love school. If there isn’t homework, projects or tests; it’s the best thing ever!  In between the various workouts and healthy meals, they offered wellness classes. I packed my schedule. It wasn’t very restful. Some of the classes were a little out there, but I believe there is a bit of truth in all things.

QUIET: To find peace.

Example: Meditation. This was my greatest discovery of the trip. I still can’t do it, by the way. Why? Because I’m the person that truly needs it and it’s hard. My mind in not quiet. It rambles and switches between a million different subjects. In the last 6 years of raising children, it’s only become worse.

Now I’m finding it’s a big complication with trying my hand at writing (still can’t call myself a writer yet).  I can come up with ideas. It’s fixing problems where I get stuck. I believe it takes a lot of focus and concentration to see an issue clearly. It then takes another round to come up with the right fix.

So… I set a goal to meditate 10 minutes a day. Any more than that and I run the risk of falling asleep! I knew it would be a slow start, but it will be a year this June I made the goal and I’ve only accomplished to sit the 10 minutes about 7 times.

The failure to accomplish this goal has only added another subject for my mind to switch between and ramble on. At least I now have the tool to change it.  It will be another year of me kicking my ass to finally get my “practice” on!


Do you have a quiet mind? Have you ever meditated?

(my 250 word count challenge) word count – 323 – It’s a blog challenge and I didn’t feel like killing any babies ;)

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