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My happy place.

HOME:  How I define what’s important to me.

Example: The United States. I love my home.  I have traveled.  I did a study abroad in England and backpacked Europe after. Plus, miscellaneous other country vacations. I’ve had a great time everywhere I’ve gone, but this is home.

One of my favorite vacations was my month drive from MA to CA.  I did the southern route and fell in love with how different each state was.  I was surprised by my reaction. I love history and Europe was mind blowing.  My home doesn’t have the same castles and ruins, but it’s breathtaking beautiful.

Because this is my home, I want to take care of it. Make sure it’s healthy and safe. And I want the world to see my home as healthy and safe.  There are so many homes of other people that aren’t either of those things. My home is one of the examples that it is possible.

I take care of my home – I vote.


Where is your home?  How do you take care of your home?

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    1. Everywhere else I always feel like a visitor. Although, my 4 months in Ealing (just outside London) were pretty spectacular!

  1. I loved this one–my home is in NJ, and I love it, but my home is also the road–you know, Hobbits and adventure and all that. I also did an X-country drive, but we did it in two weeks! I would *love* to do one over a month! ♥♥♥

  2. I love to travel too, but coming home means I can relax and feel comfortable. I live in a safe and welcoming environment and it breaks my heart that not everyone has the same benefits.
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    1. The blog post was prompted by another article I read about woman in Islamic countries being abused in the most unimaginable ways. I kept thinking, I hope we shine like a beacon of what should and could be.

    1. It’s the vacation you should always take of not going anywhere and just staying at home for the week. I never do that, though. I’m always planning some excursion and coming home exhausted ;)

  3. Hi Clarabelle – home is where the heart is .. but now it’s where I am – and where I can be at peace and be myself .. I loved living in South Africa .. but I’m happier and more at ease here. And yes we must vote … cheers Hilary

  4. How fortunate we are to be able to call the USA home. It’s a nice place to come home to. Alex is right, nothing beats the good ole’ USA!

  5. I was just talking to someone else about Home. I love my home (now) and it definitely is my safe haven. I miss my childhood home and pine for it frequently. It’s now owned by a family friend so I can go back anytime I would want to take a trip down memory lane.
    How wonderful to have traveled so extensively. I keep saying, “one of these days” but truth be told, I’m completely happy to be at home with my dogs. :)
    Michele at Angels Bark

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog (A Bench with a View). I bet that was a cool trip from MA to California! I didn’t take really good care of the last home we lived in (too long of a story to share here) but since we moved have definitely taken care of this one :) I do always vote, in fact within days of us moving to a different state, I was already registered to vote :)


  7. I think of home as where the heart and mind are comfortable. For me that is Vancouver, in Canada. I was born in the US, but must have been one of those black sheep that stray from their birthplace. I found the love I was looking for in Vancouver, and it felt like HOME to me. I’ve been here a lot of years now. Nice to meet you!

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