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H is for…

My happy place.

HOME:  How I define what’s important to me.

Example: The United States. I love my home.  I have traveled.  I did a study abroad in England and backpacked Europe after. Plus, miscellaneous other country vacations. I’ve had a great time everywhere I’ve gone, but this is home.

One of my favorite vacations was my month drive from MA to CA.  I did the southern route and fell in love with how different each state was.  I was surprised by my reaction. I love history and Europe was mind blowing.  My home doesn’t have the same castles and ruins, but it’s breathtaking beautiful.

Because this is my home, I want to take care of it. Make sure it’s healthy and safe. And I want the world to see my home as healthy and safe.  There are so many homes of other people that aren’t either of those things. My home is one of the examples that it is possible.

I take care of my home – I vote.


Where is your home?  How do you take care of your home?

(My 500 words or less challenge) word count = 180